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  • Do I need to register for classes before I attend?
    If it is your first class, please give us a call at (415) 359-9294 or email us at so we can better accommodate and inform you of which class would be best for your skill level. Online registration is not required, but you are welcome to use our online booking widget on our website, if you’d like!
  • Do you offer private one on one sessions?
    We do! Private sessions are either 30 minutes, or 1 hour long. They can cover a wide variety of topics to better suit your martial arts needs. We specialize in 1 hour “technical tune-ups” to better improve techniques and lay out a clear progression timeline and game plan. Our 30 minute sessions include pad-work and a more “cardio focused” workout using traditional Muay Thai/Boxing techniques. Private sessions available for beginners as well as competitors (amateur or professional).
  • How much experience do I need to attend intermediate/advanced/sparring classes?
    Everyone has a different timeline for progression depending on your frequency of training and athletic ability. We recommend at least 6 months of consistent training or approval from an instructor before attending the advanced classes. Private lessons are a great way to boost your progression and further develop skills needed for advanced classes!
  • Do I need to have any equipment to attend class?
    No. We have all the equipment needed for class available for loan. However, gloves and shin guards should be purchased within the first few classes, if you choose to sign up. We have a variety of brands and price ranges of equipment in our pro shop.
  • How much physical contact is there in classes?
    In the beginner to intermediate classes, there is no physical contact. However, you will be expected to hold pads for your partner, as being a good partner will help further your understanding of Muay Thai and Boxing techniques. Advanced, drilling, and sparring classes do involve physical contact, but will always be supervised by an instructor in a controlled environment.

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